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Holistic. Natural. Virtual.

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I support the body to heal itself.

Since 2019 I have worked towards holistic and natural healing for my family and me. Our body is created to heal itself. Our body needs nourishment in food, supplements, and lifestyle actions for it to work at the full capacity that it is created to work. I want to help you nourish your body so that you can live your best life and flourish. 

Jordyn Anderson

Holistic Health Practitioner

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Real Client Stories

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"She was incredibly informative..."


"I have known Jordyn for a short time now and her energy is magnetic + I’ve always appreciated how wise and approachable she is when it comes to holistic health so I knew I would benefit greatly from actually scheduling a session with her.  After experiencing a session in a premium package consult with her, I value her so much more!

I believe that knowing we are both believers and that she was praying over and speaking Jesus’ name over any emotions/things my body was holding allowed for such a peace during my time with her. I left there with so much more air in my lungs + also feeling like “wait! Did I really just share that with her?!” but I know it was the Lords moving in both of us that allowed for such trust!


Not only is she so easy to talk to and bounce ideas/thoughts off of but her intuition and discernment that she utilizes during her time with you is so Spirit led and intentional/personal. She was incredibly informative, giving such great detail to every aspect and approach she utilizes + I learned so much about myself as well as offered some take home tools to utilize in my health journey. Our bodies are so intricately made, WONDERFULLY made! Jordyn honors and respects that in her practice! You would be greatly missing out if you did not utilize her knowledge and guidance during your health journey."

Gaby Pierson

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